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The Precis Promise:
A Human Touch at Every Step
of the Collection Process

Our software collects all the data and research you need
to find the best speakers, source the best candidates,
and deliver the most successful events.


A Man Speaking
The Precis Promise-A Human Touch at Every Step of the Collection Process

Our software collects all the data and research you need to find the best speakers and source the best candidates.


"Precis is very well designed and keeps our content submission and review process secure. We appreciate the care and engineering that has gone into the software for intuitive navigation and ease of use!"
"The project managers at Precis really tend to their clients in ways you don’t expect. They seem to be available 24/7, and are always willing to help, or entertain new ideas/set-ups."
"From an admin perspective, the reporting features are extremely user-friendly. Our speakers have commented how user-friendly the site is, walking them through the process with minimal questions."
abstract management

 “Our association first started using Precis as a way to manage the papers and proposals we would receive for our various meetings throughout the year. We have since then incorporated Precis’s technology and expertise across other areas of our association; using it to collect data for managing everything from our volunteer activities to our awards programs. With its ability to be customized to fit our needs, our association was able to streamline many of our daily functions and save valuable time and money in the process.

We provide a dedicated project management team to support you through the exploratory, discovery, and design process to launch the most successful campaigns that require submissions from top scholars and thought leaders.” 

Lisa Deffenbaugh Nguyen, American Psychiatric Nurses Association


Our Meeting Technology Solutions

How can we build a virtual conference that earns revenue?

Conferences, meetings, and events have all moved online. Video conferencing is hard enough for teams with a handful of people–but scheduling, planning, communicating, and organizing hundreds of speakers and their materials needs to be executed seamlessly in order to wow your attendees and participants. The good news is that by using a single platform to collect, organize, and schedule, your organization can give you more options for programming and increase remote viewership

How do we choose the right meeting technology?

Choosing the right meeting technology can be difficult. However, a platform that allows for better decision-making in the beginning can make the entire planning process run more smoothly. It’s ideal to choose a platform that has sophisticated data collection and communication capabilities that also offers virtual meeting integration.

How can we choose more dynamic speakers and topics for virtual and in-person conferences and events?

Conferencing online is not the same as in-person–speakers need to be engaging, poised, and extremely well-versed in their subject matter. Reducing the complexity of the collection process allows you to organize strategically and schedule more dynamic speakers for your events.

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Collection and managing abstracts, awards, fellowships, scholarships, or grant programs can be daunting. Precis 2.0 software streamlines the process, assigns you a dedicated project manager, and positions you to launch a successful event or campaign. For over 20 years, we’ve helped thousands of institutions and organizations. How can we help yours?
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