Virtual Meeting Manager

Precis Abstract Management Understands the Importance of Looking for Alternate Options for Face-to-Face Meetings and Conventions During This Time.

our new software feature

The Virtual Meetings feature is for our clients and meeting planners who are trying to replace their traditional conferences or in person meetings with virtual meetings due to the travel restrictions and social distancing advisements.  

With this new feature you can: 

  • have  20 to 800 webinars over the course of 3 days.  
  • have 1 to 20 presenters (hosts) per session/webinar
  • have hundreds to thousands of attendees

Make Virtual Conferences Easy

Precis Provides the Tools and Integration Which Makes Setting Up and Managing Virtual Conferences Easier and Less Time Consuming. 

We house all of the educational content (presenter demographics, contact emails, abstracts, papers, and presentations) for meetings, conventions, and conferences hosted on our software. Speakers or meeting planners go through a selection process and are scheduled into timeslots within our system

Already a Precis Customer?

With our NEW enhanced feature, you will be able to utilize what you have already invested in the Precis system, your existing Precis sessions, and submission information. 

 We have integrated with Cisco Webex & Zoom to utilize the conference information in our system to seamlessly flow into Webex & Zoom and have the Virtual Meetings run by the presenters, with as little administrative burden as possible to you or our team.  

 Precis is a full-service, online abstract management and processing system for organizations collecting abstracts, papers, presentations for conventions, conferences and meetings. Our online abstract management software helps manage the educational content, scheduling days/times, and coordinating speakers. Using our educational content platform, integrated with Webex & Zoom, we can provide Virtual Meetings for the struggling convention industry and provide a solution to companies that host larger form meetings.

Why go with Precis Central?


We grow as you grow. whether your conference is small or large we can support your needs. Your Attendees can range from hundreds to thousands

3rd Party Integration

Already using Zoom or Webex? Easily integrate with your data we already have to mange your conferences

Full Service Suite

Our online abstract management system collects abstracts, papers and presentations. Now you can manage the meetings too!

Global Presence

Host meeting from any where in the world. Our conferences can support up to 20 host and allows you to have up to 800 webinars over 3 days!

Let us be part of the solution for virtualizing your face-to-face meetings!

Virtual Meeting Number of Sessions:
Virtual Maximum Concurrent Sessions:
Virtual average # of attendees session:

Precis can help support your virtual conference sessions while making things a little less chaotic.