What to Expect When Planning an In-Person Event in 2021

in-person events

It may seem strange to think about planning an in-person event after the abrupt move to virtual ones last year, but event organizers are eager to schedule face-to-face meetings for several reasons. As one event organizer writes in Forbes, “Virtual events are here to stay, but once the situation improves, we should opt for in-person … Read more

How to Choose the Best Virtual Conferencing Platform

Best virtual meeting platform

Last year radically pushed virtual conferencing into the forefront of how organizations meet. While “Zooming” may have become a verb, there are many more conferencing platforms than Zoom to choose from. At Precis, we supported dozens of conferences that need virtual conferencing integrations and found that choosing the right platform can be just as critical … Read more

How to Help Your Presenters Prepare and Present Virtual Posters

virtual poster presentation

Over the past year, virtual posters (or ePosters) have been one of the biggest pivots that presenters have had to make. Not only have speakers have had to shift their presentations online this year, they also have continued to share and disseminate information post-conference. At Precis, we were prepared for this shift when it happened … Read more