What to Expect When Planning an In-Person Event in 2021

in-person events

It may seem strange to think about planning an in-person event after the abrupt move to virtual ones last year, but event organizers are eager to schedule face-to-face meetings for several reasons. As one event organizer writes in Forbes, “Virtual events are here to stay, but once the situation improves, we should opt for in-person … Read more

Why Hiring a Pandemic Compliance Advisor is a Smart Choice for In-Person Events

In-person events

After a tumultuous year of canceled conferences and virtual meetings, the events industry is ready to return to in-person in 2021. While some organizers may choose to offer a hybrid experience–both face-to-face  and virtual–others are tepidly testing the waters of offering a full in-person agenda. Especially if the event takes place later in the year, … Read more

8 Ways That Abstract Collection Software Can Save You Time and Money

abstract collection

Whether you are planning a virtual conference or in-person meeting in the near future, you know the level of complexity that is involved with collecting abstracts and choosing speakers. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to navigate the collection process with tools that allow you to not only organize the submission process but also clearly … Read more