Why Organizing Conferences on Multiple Platforms Can Create Major Bottlenecks

In what seems like it is in the interest of time (but, in fact, is not), event organizers will begin their conference or event planning process with an email campaign. Before long, materials are created and stored on cloud services like Dropbox, submissions are entered in Google Sheets or Excel, communications are sent to reviewers but go untracked. In a matter of weeks what once seemed manageable and more affordable is now incredibly disorganized and costing your organization time and money.

Abstract collection and management platforms are designed to remedy any confusion, oversight, or disfunctional workflows so that you can attract and support the highest quality speakers, candidates, and participants. At Precis, we see the same mistakes over and over from our clients before they come to us. Here are just a few:

Relying on Email for your Planning Communications

Using email to manage your communications is almost certain to cause you issues by the time your conference or event goes live. Why? Because traditional emails can’t be tracked, shared, or managed in the way that event organizers need to plan successful events. 

Say, for example, you are organizing a joint session for a board of directors. Many of the participants most likely have multiple emails, assistants, colleagues and additional stakeholders that need to be CCed. However, if you are emailing dozens of people on a thread and many respond, how do you determine who is correlated with which board member? And if you BCC, you have an even harder time tracking who is on the thread.

Email also cannot support large file attachments, and it can be difficult to find files if you are dealing with a large volume of responses.

Manually Downloading or Storing Your Files to the Cloud

We’ve had clients come to us with frustrations over downloading and tracking large amounts of documents. Even if they use a cloud management storage such as Dropbox or OneDrive, files can easily get misplaced or disorganized with multiple users. 

The most common mistake is assuming too that all the abstracts, submissions, and supporting materials can then be appropriately assigned across speakers and events. Manually creating a navigable system that both your organization and your participants can use is not possible without a platform that can support this need. 

Scheduling Speakers and Planning Itineraries in Tools Without Content Capacity

There are many helpful scheduling tools on the market, but if they cannot be linked to the contact information, content, posters, or other materials, you will hit bottlenecks when you get to the scheduling phase of your planning.

Precis has features that allow you to integrate as much information to your itineraries that you need.  You can also quickly re-schedule and re-assign speakers and participants to events both virtually or in person so that there’s no confusion.

Assuming Outside Customer Support Isn’t Essential

When organizing a major event or campaign, you’ll need to focus your time and energy on what matters most.You need to attract a high volume of abstracts, quality speakers or candidates, engaged participants, relevant vendors and more. What you don’t need to be doing is querying your inbox for files or using a calendar tool that doesn’t link to your event’s content assets. 

Abstract collection and management SaaS should be more than just software–it needs to come with a dedicated team that can support yours. High-touch software with dedicated project managers is optimal because you’re getting more than just a centralized platform for your conferencing needs. Precis is the industry leader in this area because we assign your a project manager that becomes an auxiliary member of your team.