How to Shift to Hybrid Conferencing With Less Headache

hybrid conferencing

With fall conferences in full swing, there were expectations that we’d all be back to in-person events by now. However, with so much uncertainty, it’s been harder to shift back to fully on-site events. Many event organizers are now opting for hybrid events, but there can be a world of headache in planning for two … Read more

New Trends and Best Practices for Grantmaking That Will Survive the Pandemic


As the pandemic continues to create uncertainty for organizations, one thing is clear–many changes in grantmaking are here to stay. This is not necessarily a bad thing. While the collections, applications, and funding processes for many organizations had to pivot or scale back in the past year, many of the changes were needed in industries … Read more

Software Tools for Organizing and Marketing Your Event

marketing software

When planning your next conference or event, you need the right tools to promote it. Marketing your event has never been this easy or scalable–but it’s also never been so overwhelming. With so many software tools to help you create content, communicate with stakeholders, organize information, and so much more. However, which tools should you … Read more

How to Better Market Your Event

Market event

Planning a successful event requires more than just organization–it demands strategic marketing along every step of the process. Whether it is an annual meeting, a recurring themed conference, joint meeting, or new event, you have to think about the marketing of it before you even choose your speakers. How can you optimize the process? There … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Free Abstract Management Software

free abstract management software

With so many abstract management softwares out there, it can seem tempting to start with or switch to a free software to help manage your submission process. For one, planning any event is time consuming and often costly, so having a free management system can help offset some of the expense. After all, if an … Read more

Never Managed Abstracts Before? A Beginner’s Guide

abstract collection management

Whether you’re in a new role at an organization or newly tasked with abstract management, it can seem like a daunting challenge to start the process. How should you project manage? Which communications tools should you use? Is there any better method than spreadsheets to track submissions and their status? No matter how big or … Read more

How Using Dynamic Scoring Tools Can Make or Break the Quality of Your Campaigns

dynamic scoring tools

With so many collection management software tools to choose from, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with what to prioritize when selecting the best one for your organization. However, one of the most taken for granted (even overlooked) features of collection software is the customization, flexibility, and robustness of its scoring tools.  There are … Read more

Why Virtual Meetings Are Not the Future of Conferencing

alternative virtual meeting

While the past year and a half has certainly taught the meetings industry the benefits of virtual meeting technologies, there is no replacement for in-person conferencing. In fact, in a recent survey of over 1,000 people, 70% said they preferred face-to-face meetings over virtual ones.  There are several possible reasons for this, and we can … Read more

What to Expect When Planning an In-Person Event in 2021

in-person events

It may seem strange to think about planning an in-person event after the abrupt move to virtual ones last year, but event organizers are eager to schedule face-to-face meetings for several reasons. As one event organizer writes in Forbes, “Virtual events are here to stay, but once the situation improves, we should opt for in-person … Read more

Why Organizing Conferences on Multiple Platforms Can Create Major Bottlenecks

Make planning a conference easy

In what seems like it is in the interest of time (but, in fact, is not), event organizers will begin their conference or event planning process with an email campaign. Before long, materials are created and stored on cloud services like Dropbox, submissions are entered in Google Sheets or Excel, communications are sent to reviewers … Read more