How to Create Better In-Person Events in 2021

in-person events

The world is opening back up. Daily airline travel is creeping back up to its pre-pandemic levels. Major sporting events such as the Tour de France and political meetings such as the UN General Assembly are back on. And when the CDC recently changing its mask guidelines for vaccinated people, the New York Times asked, … Read more

What to Expect When Planning an In-Person Event in 2021

in-person events

It may seem strange to think about planning an in-person event after the abrupt move to virtual ones last year, but event organizers are eager to schedule face-to-face meetings for several reasons. As one event organizer writes in Forbes, “Virtual events are here to stay, but once the situation improves, we should opt for in-person … Read more

Why Hiring a Pandemic Compliance Advisor is a Smart Choice for In-Person Events

In-person events

After a tumultuous year of canceled conferences and virtual meetings, the events industry is ready to return to in-person in 2021. While some organizers may choose to offer a hybrid experience–both face-to-face  and virtual–others are tepidly testing the waters of offering a full in-person agenda. Especially if the event takes place later in the year, … Read more

How to Choose the Best Virtual Conferencing Platform

Best virtual meeting platform

Last year radically pushed virtual conferencing into the forefront of how organizations meet. While “Zooming” may have become a verb, there are many more conferencing platforms than Zoom to choose from. At Precis, we supported dozens of conferences that need virtual conferencing integrations and found that choosing the right platform can be just as critical … Read more

Why Organizing Conferences on Multiple Platforms Can Create Major Bottlenecks

Make planning a conference easy

In what seems like it is in the interest of time (but, in fact, is not), event organizers will begin their conference or event planning process with an email campaign. Before long, materials are created and stored on cloud services like Dropbox, submissions are entered in Google Sheets or Excel, communications are sent to reviewers … Read more

5 Ways to Determine that You are Using Outdated Software and Systems

outdated software

In large organizations, it is very common to create patchwork systems of different software in order to accomplish the company or institution’s goals. As needs changes, often more software is added and incorporated into day-to-day operations. But, as workflows and teams evolve, software and computing systems often do not. While cloud-based computing software often automatically … Read more

The Difference Between Dedicated Project Managers and Traditional Customer Support

traditional vs agile project management

When beginning the abstract collection process, one of the most important components to the project management is developing a strategy that allows you to develop solutions in real time. Traditionally, with SaaS, customers participate in a robust on-boarding process but are then left to rely on customer support once they begin using the software. Customer … Read more

How to Help Your Presenters Prepare and Present Virtual Posters

virtual poster presentation

Over the past year, virtual posters (or ePosters) have been one of the biggest pivots that presenters have had to make. Not only have speakers have had to shift their presentations online this year, they also have continued to share and disseminate information post-conference. At Precis, we were prepared for this shift when it happened … Read more

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