Abstract Technology that Doesn’t Stop Improving

The Precis software platform is now Precis 2.0. Based on 10 years of learning and addressing speed, efficiency and client needs, we decided that patching old code wasn’t the future. We needed to build something new.

Precis 2.0 has been rigorously tested and used for years. Why does this matter? Because old systems are slow, have vulnerabilities and are not easy to update.

Has your old software provider ever told you, “Sorry, but that’s just the way the software was designed.”? Well, you can count on never hearing those words at Precis.

We took our original, good Precis software and made it great. We’re continuing to invest and develop a platform that meets various levels of needs with the intention that we will be the Google of Abstract Management software.

Extremely flexible software that can manage your process for collecting and organizing your abstracts and papers works only if the software works.

The nightmare of opening your email inbox to see 214 emails from contributing authors who are frustrated because the abstract collection software is “crawling” or “down” is completely unacceptable to us.

To avoid your site being down or running slow at a critical deadline (or when you just happen to be casually using our software), we carefully architected a cloud-based information technology environment that runs (very fast) across many data centers in many areas of the world. Our servers are auto-scaling and load balancing to ensure your phone doesn’t ring because our software is down.